The Predictable Story of Fredrick Pop

Old manAnd it came to pass that Fredrick Pop was applying his skills as a designer of pictures. An illustrator he was called. Every day he came forth to his place of labour, a place the village called and agency. It was not just any agency, it was an agency of advertising. And it was good.

On the third day of the week, Fredrick Pop was wishing to present his master with the creation of his mind, the alluring sketches that would make the mortal man change his behavior, and pay shekels for goods. But on this third day of the week, at this particular time, the master was not present in his working quarters. The master was out collecting outstanding shekels and then to a new client he was gone. Fredrick Pop decided to leave these fine sketches on the working desk of the master. It was not Fredrick Pop’s intention, nor his plan, but as he went forth from the working quarters of the master, his eyes fell upon a financial document called the “invoice”. And on this invoice was scribed a hefty sum of shekels for the work of Fredrick Pop.

Fredrick Pop felt anger within. Fredrick Pop had counted his wages and divided them by the time of his labour. Fredrick Pop never slept well. By Frederick Pop’s calculations the master was profiting three times the cost of Fredrick Pop’s labour. For every month Fredrick Pop toiled for the master, the master collected two additional months. Frederick Pop could earn three times more if Fredrick Pop worked for Fredrick Pop.

And it so happened that on the seventh day of the week Fredrick Pop was called to a attend a common ritual of burning meat over a fire and partaking much in wine with his family and brethren. Many goblets of wine were consumed and much merriment was had. One of Frederick Pop’s brethren was a wealthy tradesman. Eli Pop was blessed with wealth. He was a man who feared not labour, and feared not risk. Over the years he was blessed with wealth.  Eli Pop needed the services of a man such as Fredrick Pop, to create illustrations that would make the mortal man desire the goods Eli Pop was selling. And Eli Pop offered Frederick Pop many shekels to create these illustrations.

Fredrick Pop did not sleep that night. The sum Eli Pop had offered him for the time of his labour could sustain him for 30 days, and only five days it would consume. In those twenty five days that remained, Frederick Pop could surely find other men who would pay for time of his labour.

On the second day of the week Frederick Pop did leave his master. For a master who profiteered so much from his own toil he did not want. He collected his wages and went forth to his home where he began to illustrate, illustrate for Eli Pop. And he was happy.

And Frederick Pop illustrated and illustrated. And on the 18th day of the month, Fredrick Pop went forth to Eli Pop to reveal to him the illustrations. Eli Pop was happy, but not entirely happy. There were changes required a bit. There were lines that needed changing and colours that needed a different hue. Eli Pop was happy but not entirely.

So Fredrick Pop went back to make the changes that Eli Pop had commanded. And twice and thrice Eli Pop was not happy. And on the fourth time, Eli Pop was happy, and Fredrick Pop too was happy. And it was good. And it was the twenty sixth of the month.

And Fredrick Pop went forth to Eli Pop and asked for the shekels that were due. And Eli Pop said unto Fredrick Pop to provide him with an invoice. And thirty day therefrom he shalt pay.

But Fredrick Pop, had not an invoice, and had to procure the thing and the knowledge of the thing. And an invoice was created. And the invoice was delivered.

Now Fredrick Pop had not nothing to do. New demand for his labour needed to be solicited. So Fredrick Pop revisited Eli Pop, but Eli Pop was filled with illustrations and was not ready for more. And into the market did Fredrick Pop go. Offering his labour for shekels. And on his journey, Fredrick Pop did discover, that many others did have his same skill. And they were selling their labour too.

And on the forty fourth day since Fredrick Pop had no master, did he find a man who would pay for his labour. It was not many hours of labour, it was not many shekels for his time. But Fredrick Pop took the work, for idle hands are dangerous. And five times he did meet. And the work he did do. And the man received an invoice and did promise to pay in thirty days as is custom.

On this fifty sixth day Fredrick Pop traveled to visit Eli Pop. His shekels were due. But Eli was sojourning in a town miles away and was destined to return in seven day more. And anger filled Fredrick Pop, for desperation was being felt. But Fredrick Pop had no choices and waited for Eli Pop to return. And Eli Pop did pay him all the shekels that were due.

Whilst Fredrick Pop collected his shekels, whilst Fredrick Pop created his illustrations, Fredrick Pop could not solicit. Whilst Fredrick Pop solicited, he could not illustrate nor collect. A puzzle this is.

And Fredrick Pop went to collect the shekels due from his customer number two. But the man would not pay for he claimed the illustrations did not work and Fredrick Pop was angry and Fredrick Pop was sad.

And Fredrick Pop did calculate all the shekels and did divide them by time. Fredrick Pop was really saddened when the hourly wage was low. It was lower than before, when a master he did have.

It was not all bad, occasionally Fredrick Pop would find a man who would pay for his labour. And mostly they paid. And months went by, and seasons too. Fredrick Pop could not unlock the puzzle of time. How could he solicit and illustrate and collect all in the moment the same? It could only be solved through the labour of another. But for this he needed shekels to pay. And extra shekels he did not have never. A puzzle it was, a prison it was becoming.

Two paths Fredrick Pop could choose. One seems more noble, the other seems less brave. What Fredrick Pop came to realise was that his thoughts were not true. He thought there was a choice between having a master or not. Fredrick Pop came to know that there are always two masters in life from which to choose. One they call the market and the other they call boss. Both can be kind and both can be cruel. Both can create wealth and both can create poverty  and all in between. Both can create sadness and both can create joy. There is no right path and no wrong path. It is just a path, your path.



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