Larry Luster – Entrepreneurial Agony Aunt

[ Larry Luster – The politically incorrect, say it how it is, agony aunt (uncle). No one knows where he was born, where he grew up, or much about his family. He’s seen it before and done much of it before. He’s here to help. All advice is free, sometimes a bit weird and used… Continue reading Larry Luster – Entrepreneurial Agony Aunt

The Predictable Story of Fredrick Pop

And it came to pass that Fredrick Pop was applying his skills as a designer of pictures. An illustrator he was called. Every day he came forth to his place of labour, a place the village called and agency. It was not just any agency, it was an agency of advertising. And it was good.… Continue reading The Predictable Story of Fredrick Pop

My Target is to have no Goals

My mentor once told me that entrepreneurial success was 99% psychology. I’m not sure what the other 1% is, perhaps its hard work, perhaps its good luck. The point he was trying to make is that managing your mindset, and that of others, is the difference between success and failure. Managing self doubt, managing your confidence or… Continue reading My Target is to have no Goals

Entrepreneurial Passion Diseases

Much has been written on the importance of passion in our entrepreneurial journey. Entrepreneurial gurus and entrepreneurs alike, will tell you that without passion, our entrepreneurial journey is less likely to succeed. With passion, those dark days are more likely to result in a decision to persist, rather than a decision to raise the white flag… Continue reading Entrepreneurial Passion Diseases

The Three Entrepreneurial Points of Failure

In 2009 two academics, Parker and Van Praag showed how the status of entrepreneurship in your peer group had a massive influence on whether you would or would not choose entrepreneurship as your “career” choice. When entrepreneurship is seen as cool, and your friends exalt the entrepreneurial life, you are most likely going to dabble… Continue reading The Three Entrepreneurial Points of Failure